RGB invested in Schoeps microphones

Schoeps microphones are among the most respected in the industry. Since 1948, Schoeps microphones have benefitted from innovative German engineering and an ongoing quest for transparency. Their unique designs and impeccable audio characteristics have earned Schoeps microphones a loyal following in classical music and audio for TV and film.

Our Schoeps inventory:

30x CMC6Ug power module, 24x MK4 cardioid capsule, 6x MK21 subcardioid capsule, 24x A20 elastic suspension, 16x H20 cable hanger, 24x B5D windscreen, 24x W20R1 basket windscreen, 6x B1D small windscreen, 10x RC1200 Colette active tube, 10x BF250 heavy floor base, 10x STR350g vertical rod, 10x STR600g vertical rod, 2x SR1450C special gooseneck tube, 3x RG88 swivel joint, 3x B55D dobule wind gags.

Visit Schoeps homepage: www.schoeps.de